Family Values: Failing Kids

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From the same people who brought us the news that an abortion is a baby killing comes the no compromise stance of better to kill your kids than to tolerate the notion that they are maturing toward the (horrific!) inevitability of sexual activity.  From USA TODAY:

The USA is failing to protect children from preventable cancers that afflict 22,000 Americans a year by not vaccinating enough of them against HPV, a new report says. Although a safe and effective HPV vaccine has been available for eight years, only one-third of girls have been fully immunized with all three recommended doses, according to a report from the President's Cancer Panel, which has advised the White House on cancer since 1971.  HPV, or human papillomavirus, is a family of viruses that causes cancer throughout the body, including cancers that predominantly affect men, such as a type of throat cancer.  Only 7% of boys are fully vaccinated, although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended the shots for them since 2011. Raising vaccination rates to at least 80% of teen girls could prevent 53,000 future cases of cervical cancer in girls alive today, according to the CDC....  The real problem, research shows...[is that] doctors offer HPV shots, giving parents the option to vaccinate, without strongly recommending them....  That could be because doctors are leery of initiating a discussion about sexual activity, which is how HPV spreads....

So, tens of thousands of American (and Indian) boys and girls will grow up to get cancer and, after a prolonged...mmm... unpleasantness, they will die.  All preventable.  That we don't prevent these deaths comes from our species' failure to socially evolve to a modern capacity to simply converse about sexuality--not intercourse--but sexuality in the more global sense.  Our inability to even talk about such matters, to much less even think about such matters is killing children so that we can avoid the emotional discomfort of simply talking about sexuality. "To whom much was entrusted, of them more will be asked," applies to parents and pediatricians.  Now that Pussy Riot's name has become mainstream we can openly ask the question: how did the doctors most entrusted with our children's well being become such huge pussies?  And how, in the name of God, did parents accept the notion that the welfare of children falls second to emotional discomfort or religious purity?  Our failure to provide for our children's safety, even sexual safety, is itself a sex crime of which our kids are the victims. Please, get in someone's face about this.

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