Sexually Irrelevant

01.04.2017 | Religion | Posted by Steven Ing | Article

Nobody wants to be irrelevant.  Not your spouse, not your kids, not even Al Queda--certainly not your neighborhood church. Hoping to sidestep irrelevancy and the inevitable decline to extinction, Pope Francis has repeatedly led believers to consider the relationship between dogma and human sexuality. For the last two weeks the Vatican has hosted a synod on "family matters," code for contraception, gays, marriage and divorce--a sexual lollapalozza of clergy rifting on humanity's bedroom activities. 

From the early days of the synod at Vatican City:

"Pope Francis urged speak their minds without the start of a two-week meeting aimed at making the church’s teaching on family matters relevant to today’s Catholics.  Francis told bishops they shouldn’t even be afraid of showing him disrespect, saying he wants a frank debate that shouldn’t be tempered by fears that some issues are too taboo to even be discussed.... The run-up to the meeting has been marked by mudslinging ...over issues such as whether Catholics who divorce and remarry without an annulment can receive Communion. Church teaching says such Catholics are living in sin and cannot receive the sacraments. While insisting he is a 'son of the church,' Francis has said the church must show more mercy and be a 'field hospital' for wounded souls....  Surveys sent by Francis last year confirmed that while most Catholics believe in the indissolubility of marriage, the vast majority ignore and reject church teaching on sex and contraception."

Despite the seed of genius that lies within every major religion, modernity's rejection of religion is based on the understandable desire for freedom, to decide for ourselves.  Religion's age-old power to illuminate the lives of believers has been too often replaced by a religiously dark reach for control in the personal lives of people.  Pope Francis has seen that Brand Vatican is likely to continue its slide toward irrelevancy unless his coreligionists figure out how much control they need over people's sexuality or they will continue to experience a majority that "ignore and reject church teaching on sex and contraception."  Fundamentalists of all faiths must figure this out or they and their need for being doctrinally correct will slide off the consciousness of humanity. Illuminate peoples' journey through life OR pursue a futile battle for control?  Come on people, this is an easy one.