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Do you need to tell your next partner that you cheated on your last one?

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If you're looking for love here's a tip: stop. Stop looking for love and start looking for life. Life is meant to be shared, if you aren't happy with your life it's irresponsible to try to share it with someone you want to care about.

"If you can't live without her then you can't be with her." - Steven Ing


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'Threading the needle,' so to speak, can seem daunting when you're balancing raising your children with sowing the seeds for a fulfilling romantic and sexual life. If you proactively set some ground rules it can make this far less daunting, and even far more empowering for your children.

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It's important for parents to emulate the behaviors necessary for a successful relationship. This includes the modest, but regular phenomenon of 'mommy and daddy time.'

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Many of Donald Trump’s comments about women made waves during this year’s presidential campaign. Reno Public Radio’s Noah Glick sat down with a local therapist who specializes in gender and human sexual issues to discuss Trump’s language on the campaign trail.