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In the slow-moving train wreck that is the House of Representatives' struggle to find a Republican Speaker, Sexual Futurist notes that many frustrated Republicans have taken to considering men (men only need apply) who are not currently even in the House.  Many have suggested Newt Gingrich.  He has said he's willing to serve.  Of course he is. But Republicans have not yet considered, at least not in public, a man who seems like the perfect exemplary of their brand.

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For the last few years Sexual Futurist has helped make possible a discussion about human sexuality that could be based on reason and knowledge.  Our most recent effort is a book--the type of book that has never been available before.  Using everyday language with no vulgarity, no scientific terms for anatomy (no discussion of anatomy whatsoever!), and no religious tie-ins we examine the notion of "sexual needs" in the same manner one might take a look at intellectual needs, emotional needs or any other kind of human need.  The book is a celebration of human diversity and human unity: we may

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Just like the National Rifle Association grades politicians to let 2nd Amenders know how to protect their gun rights, Sexual Futurist thought it might be a good idea to grade politicians to allow people with a sexuality know how to vote.  But if it was easy then someone else would have already done this right?  Truth is, "people with a sexuality" is pretty much everyone BUT we typically allow ourselves to become splintered so we have women's groups promoting women's rights as if men don't have a stake in gender equality.

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Preface Of all the dimensions of the human experience only one receives sustained pressure to remain outside the realm of normal conversation, resting undisclosed and unknown—that is, ordinary human sexual needs.  Contrary to what some might think, this avoidance of discussion of sexuality is not limited to cultures influenced by Puritans, the Taliban or other religious groups who are frequently held responsible for our silence.  Routinely in many cultures around the world one sees an inability to talk about real human sexual needs.  Virtually no one is teaching us to talk