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hello-my-name-is-irrelevantNobody wants to be irrelevant.  Not your spouse, not your kids, not even Al Queda--certainly not your neighborhood church. Hoping to sidestep irrelevancy and the inevitable decline to extinction, Pope Francis has repeatedly led believers to consider the relationship between dogma and human sexuality.

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From the same people who brought us the news that an abortion is a baby killing comes the no compromise stance of better to kill your kids than to tolerate the notion that they are maturing toward the (horrific!) inevitability of sexual activity.  From USA TODAY:

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There's a whole lot of hand wringing going on in Vatican City.  New surveys commissioned by the Vatican show a leadership increasingly out of touch with the people on everything having to do with sexuality.  From the Associated Press and ABC:
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After countless years of watching them lord it over others it's satisfying to watch the hand wringing and whining of haters and bullies when they don't get their way.  From the demographically small state of Nevada, home to Burning Man, comes the story of how a Republican governor who may soon be US President has quietly stepped into his role as sexual futurist--using reason and knowledge to guide his actions.

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She doesn't even remember when she killed them.  Valerie Moore, 47-year-old parolee, was a convicted murderer and a known alcoholic.  Like all parolees she was supervised by a trained officer and subject to drug and alcohol testing.  But on October 31, 2006 parole officers were busy elsewhere.  Not their choice.  As part of a nation-wide exercise in public relations already overworked officers (along with a flood of local law enforcement professionals) had their attention distracted by state officials who turned a useless exercise into a public statement of "see how much we're doing to prot

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Just a conversation.  How difficult could that be?  Turns out that if we're talking about sexuality that the conversation is nearly impossible for almost everyone.  Sexual Futurist is here because of our species' need for collaborative intelligence to sort out our current splintering of human sexuality.

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Ah, the French.  Their sexual futurists are, in a word, formidable!  Consider the notion of complete societal role reversals between men and women--would you like to see what that would look like?  At least, would you like to see what that would look like with the same sort of gender objectification, blaming victims for sexual assault, and making adults into children?  Et, voilà!  Here it is.  Prepare to be disturbed.  But in a good way.Smart mothers let siblings arguing over who gets the bigger pie of say, pie, resolve the argument by letting one cut the two pieces and th

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In a rather dramatic and impromptu race to the bottom of IQ rankings, the presidents of Nigeria, Gambia and Uganda have all contested vigorously in recent days to see who, (oh who!) is the most imbecilic of them all.  Gambian President Yahya Jammeh set the hater bar very high indeed.

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It's hardly a biased source; from the National Catholic Reporter: