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In Sexual Futurist's interview with Dr. Darrel Ray (below,at left), author of "Sex and God," he became increasingly personal and helpful as he challenged us to engage with the religious around us.

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Here is the conclusion to Sexual Futurist's exclusive interview with Dr. Darrel Ray, author of "Sex and God."

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"You're not talking about rape correctly."  That seems to be the view of many in the NY Times story about "Game of Thrones'" treatment of rape.  The HBO series has featured innumerable murders, killings of all sorts, casualties of war, state-sanctioned beheadings, torture, genital mutilation--with a virtually all male cast of victims.  But as alright as all that is, the series' nonlethal sexual assaults are just too much.

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Just as in the story from Greek mythology where just looking at Medusa's head could have dire consequences--turning one into stone--so too might looking into the classic Greed stories themselves.  So say some of the highly sensitive.

From the NY Times:

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Whew!  Sexual-based stigma is a whole lot bigger than SF ever thought it could be.  Sure, gays get their share of the hate and we all call that homophobia.  Women get their second-class treatment and we call that misogyny.  These are real problem behaviors that cause genuine suffering by promoting discrimination.  SF has no desire to minimize them or to suggest that we should stop talking about them.  But there is a problem with thinking that these forms of ignorance and discrimination are only about gays or only about women.  That is to miss the larger picture.

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It's not all grim for sexual futurists.  Let's face it, sometimes ignorance and irrationality is hilarious.  Take this letter to America's national advice giver, Dear Abby:

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According to the FBI, crime in America is down.  More people doing the right thing and that's a good, mmm, thing.  But then there's the Dark Web.  If you think it sounds a bit creepy you're not alone.

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When religion makes war on the very people upon whom the organization depends, can the end of religion be far off?  Across North America and Europe, where people have a choice they are increasingly choosing to step away from organized religion.  It's not that they hate God or that they are worse people than those who choose to stay.  No, many who step away are believers and even more of them are people who are looking for spiritual insight.  But.  But wanting spiritual

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Putin dissed Clinton recently.  Not such a newsworthy diss actually, not even as bad as the (Caution: completely vulgar!) UnNews about Putin.  Putin's words were nothing for the Clintons who, through long years of taking personal attacks must surely have developed skins as thick as Godzilla's.  But for sexual futurists Putin's words have a deeper meaning--about him of course.  Here's what the

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Consent.  In this one little word lies the difference between our thinking of women as (1) chattel, property to be owned as opposed to (2) humans equal to men and their potential partners in life.  The "killer app" of the 21st century, to reference Niall Ferguson, author of "The West and All the Rest," is gender equality.  Consent is a natural and logical consequence of gender equality.  And the cultural failure to truly embrace the notion of consent is why some nations will remain poor,