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When religion makes war on the very people upon whom the organization depends, can the end of religion be far off?  Across North America and Europe, where people have a choice they are increasingly choosing to step away from organized religion.  It's not that they hate God or that they are worse people than those who choose to stay.  No, many who step away are believers and even more of them are people who are looking for spiritual insight.  But.  But wanting spiritual

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Putin dissed Clinton recently.  Not such a newsworthy diss actually, not even as bad as the (Caution: completely vulgar!) UnNews about Putin.  Putin's words were nothing for the Clintons who, through long years of taking personal attacks must surely have developed skins as thick as Godzilla's.  But for sexual futurists Putin's words have a deeper meaning--about him of course.  Here's what the

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Consent.  In this one little word lies the difference between our thinking of women as (1) chattel, property to be owned as opposed to (2) humans equal to men and their potential partners in life.  The "killer app" of the 21st century, to reference Niall Ferguson, author of "The West and All the Rest," is gender equality.  Consent is a natural and logical consequence of gender equality.  And the cultural failure to truly embrace the notion of consent is why some nations will remain poor,

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Rape in India, as in America, seems to be a question of legitimate rape...or not.  Two young girls, ages 14 and 15, stepped out in a field at night on May 27th to relieve themselves (a common practice in India) where they were sexually assaulted.  The next day their bodies were found hanging from the branches of a mango tree.  From New Delhi:

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Perhaps we should stick to the term "marriage equality" because "gay marriage may mean something altogether different.  Consider the "Mormon Enigma," subtitled,  "An exploration of what it means to be Married, Mormon, . . . and Gay."  What we're talking about here is an epic sexual battle between his (or her) need for appearing sexually righteous versus her (or his) need for love.

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Because President Obama is the cause of all things bad, CNN has headlined their story on the recent Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision as "Supreme Court Rules Against Obama in Contraception Case."  But the real story, as is so often the case, about human sexuality.

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Ready to laugh some portion of your anatomy off?  Take a look at Bunmi Laditan's piece on How to Breastfeed Appropriately:

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Tom Petty has joined the crowd of humanity who seek a rational, albeit "kinda pissed," discussion about human sexuality.  With a song set to be released next week, “Playing Dumb,” he implicitly takes on the Catholic Church for “covering up” the clergy sex abuse scandals, according to a new cover story in BillboardThe magazine quotes the lyrics “For every confession that wasn’t on the level/For every man of God that lives with hidden

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"Every generation gets the science fiction it deserves."   --unknown

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Wearing cowboy clothes doesn't mean you're actually a cowboy, just like wearing a clerical collar doesn't automatically mean you're a child molester.  So "putting on" the mullah in Islam doesn't actually mean you're automatically anything good.  From Wikipedia: