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In the U.S., churches have been struggling for decades with declining membership and frankly, declining relevance. Naturally for them, it is unthinkable to consider the content of their message and, this being the USA, it is time to call in marketers rather than examine their product.

Recently, a friend shared a presentation he was making to church denominational leadership. A central feature of his presentation was "the best sermon I ever heard, one that gives people a sense of meaning, wonder and belonging." 

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Weird but true.  America's favorite homegrown religion is a lot like one of Europe's oldest.

The Vatican hasn't got a thing that the Mormon Church doesn't, including excommunication for apostasy. What the what?

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We were questioning the industry contention that testosterone "improves intimacy" when I happened to mention that in group therapy on sexual issues and intimacy there exists a higher degree of intimacy than in many marriages of the individuals in the group. Even a higher degree of sexual intimacy. What is it: group therapy or a freakin' orgy?

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Fox News' Megyn Kelly got a spankin' from an angry Newt Gingrich when she asked about Donald Trumps' problems with sexual assault accusations.

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Donald Trump didn't mean to start a movement.

Well, he did, but not a sexual one.

In his remarks about his recently disclosed remarks what the Donald meant to do was to defend his image like the classic narcissist he is.

What he actually did was to stimulate a national coming out of more than one million women talking about their own stories of sexual assault suffered as women, as teens or even as little girls. Kelly Oxford

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Ever had a dark, yet unspoken, sense of something really important missing from your personal sex life? You’re not alone: witness the enormous popularity of sex toys, pornography, erotica, sexy lingerie, and oh yes, “Fifty Shades of Grey.” 

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October 31, 2006. Ten years ago on Halloween night, 12 people burned to death at the historic Mizpah Hotel in downtown Reno, Nevada. Their assailant, Valerie Moore, got drunk and became angry enough to place a mattress against another tenant’s door and throw a match. 

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Want to live forever?  Well, if you want your brain to be there when you do then you and a close friend better start doin' it more often as you age.  This fun science fact was announced in a new study from the great folks of Great Britain.  The findings of this study have profound implications for the management of our aging population and the lucky ones who live long enough to join them.

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Not long ago an animated TV comedy show, OK it was The Simpsons, ran a story with the image at left where, on the side of the helicopter, are emblazoned the fake motto of FOX NEWS: "Not Racist, But #1 With Racists."