Let’s NOT Engage in a Battle of the Sexes

Let’s NOT Engage in a Battle of the Sexes

12.07.2017 | Arts & Pop Culture, Business & Economics, Family & Relationships | Posted by admin | Article


Goats Butting Heads 234 x 400

It’s the easy — and altogether wrong — thing to do.

What I’m talking about is the potential battle of the sexes that is brewing as the sexual culture shift takes hold. As more and more women join the #MeToo movement, and more and more men find themselves on the defensive, the narrative is becoming cliché.

It’s us against them, with each gender standing on opposite sides of a dark chasm. On one side are the men, wondering when women will just stop with the accusations. On the other side are the women, wondering when men will just stop with the harassment.

But in order to address the chasm, we need to bridge it. This will take time, effort and communication. Read my thoughts about it in this column, which first appeared in the Reno Gazette-Journal.