05.05.2018 | Family & Relationships | Posted by admin | Podcast

In this podcast, we discuss the recent terrorist attack in Toronto, what motivates #Incels (involuntary celibates) and what we can do to help prevent more men from following this dangerous philosophy.

04.28.2018 | Family & Relationships | Posted by admin | Podcast

Join our conversation, where we discuss what we can we learn from some new philosophies about commitment — and what elements of love and relationships are consistent through the ages. 

04.20.2018 | Arts & Pop Culture | Posted by admin | Podcast

Why are we talking about World of Warcraft on a show about sexuality? If you’ve ever spent time in an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), chances are good you’ve experienced some ugly sexism, homophobia and racism.

04.14.2018 | Arts & Pop Culture, Family & Relationships | Posted by admin | Podcast

Men need male friends. This seems obvious, yet it’s alarming how many men forgo this important need.

04.06.2018 | Family & Relationships, Science | Posted by admin | Podcast

What do sex addiction and gay conversion therapy have in common? Neither one of them is an accepted term used by mental health professionals.

03.23.2018 | Arts & Pop Culture, Family & Relationships | Posted by admin | Podcast

The #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have shined a critical light on the problem of sexual abuse in the workplace. Why has it taken so long? Will we finally be able to effect critical change and make work environments safer for women and men alike?

03.10.2018 | Arts & Pop Culture, Family & Relationships, Politics & Law | Posted by admin | Podcast

Sexuality and relationships is our theme for this week's podcast. Join us as we discuss the intentional interview and your magic sex number, victim shaming, plus how do you overcome the odds when your soulmate is a fish?

03.07.2018 | Arts & Pop Culture, Family & Relationships | Posted by admin | Podcast

This week, we talk with our guest Verita Black Prothro, about Black Panther, its evolved gender roles and how those affect the onscreen relationships. We also address the issue of toxic masculinity and how loneliness could be contributing to our nation’s shooting crisis. 

02.22.2018 | Family & Relationships | Posted by admin | Video

Ready for it? There IS a magic sex number.

But the bad news: Sometimes your magic sex number is vastly different from your partner’s magic sex number.

What happens if you’re mismatched? What does this all mean? And how can this information change your life (and your relationship) for the better?

02.09.2018 | Family & Relationships | Posted by admin | Article

Explore a little more about why every letter and symbol comprising “LGBTQIA+” is important.