Meet Steven Ing

Paradigm shifter • Conversation starter • Psychotherapist • Author • Public speaker •  Father • Husband

Steven Ing’s childhood was seriously messed up. Like, mobster-father-shot-to-death-by-police messed up.

So what did he do with this experience? He set out on a lifelong quest to study and better understand human behavior — why good people do bad things, and if there’s really such a thing as “bad people.” He channeled this research into a career, becoming a Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in men’s issues.

Why men, exactly? Need we remind you about that first paragraph? Yeah, that’s totally the "why."

He has used the knowledge and insights gained from thousands of clients over almost 30 years to become a sex columnist for Gannett newspapers, a contributor to Huffington Post, a popular public speaker, a TEDx presenter and a consultant on matters related to intelligent management of sexuality.

His goal is to engage society at large in a comfortable and human conversation about sexuality.

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