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Steven Ing’s childhood was seriously messed up. Like, mobster-father-shot-to-death-by-police messed up.

His early childhood trauma kindled an unquenchable curiosity about how healthy people made family work. This sense of wonder about "normal people" and how they had figured out how to live together in loving partnerships led to his career as a therapist — to help those who hadn’t been able to achieve the kind of love and happiness everyone wants.

Part of this journey required him to step away from bestowing what he calls "the moral diagnosis" and instead focusing on the reasons many of us fail to consistently make intelligent decisions about love and family. Just as insights gleaned from work with alcoholics led to our understanding of the dysfunctional family, his study of men convicted of violent and sexual crimes led to understanding how the rest of us mess up in less dramatic, but exquisitely painful ways. 

Why would he want to explore the minds and motivations of violent criminals, exactly? Need we remind you about that first paragraph? Yeah, that’s totally the "why."

He has used the knowledge and insights shared by thousands of clients over almost 30 years to become a sex columnist for Gannett newspapers, a contributor to Huffington Post, a popular public speaker, a TEDx presenter and a consultant on matters related to intelligent management of sexuality. His goal? To show how we really haven't even begun to really think and rationally talk about human sexuality.

So far, his work includes:

  • Training parents about how to have “the sex talk” (or rather, talks) with their kids and how to teach kids about managing their sexuality intelligently
  • Consulting with business leaders about why current sexual harassment policies don't work (and have never worked) and what to do differently
  • Advising advertisers and marketers about the effective use of sexuality — rather than just sex — in advertising
  • Working alongside law enforcement and government to recommend rational, effective policies about sex offenders and human trafficking

At this point, you’ll probably want to learn more about Steven.

Totally understandable.

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