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10.15.2021 | Family & Relationships

When it comes to relationships, people don't mindfully enter into negotiation. 

10.06.2021 | Family & Relationships

How do you get your man to take advantage of any new thinking, new discoveries, old truths, and old truisms about couples, families, sex, or love?


09.10.2021 | Family & Relationships

Recently I was asked to contribute to an article asking a question I’m sure many of us have pondered: Why Has Friendship With Benefits Become Popular Nowadays?

08.19.2021 | Science

What I found in offering mental health treatment in a time of plague surprised me. It might surprise you too.

07.08.2021 | Family & Relationships

No one wants to be the other. This is true generally but it is especially true in every aspect of human sexuality.


06.25.2021 | Family & Relationships

We all get married fantasizing the happily ever after — after all, we found “the one.” But studies have shown that up to 50% of married people will have an affair, which begs the questions: Why are so many people cheating on their spouses?

Click Here for my interview with PsychCentral.

06.10.2021 | Family & Relationships

What we can learn from sex offenders will surprise you — as well as help you. Prepare to develop compassion where you thought none could ever exist.

04.02.2021 |

Reinvention: Steve Ing – ‘A Name Does Not Define Me’

03.09.2021 | Family & Relationships

We are all much more than just romance and sex. Having close friendships outside of a romantic relationship is valuable for the relationship itself.

01.29.2021 | Family & Relationships

Yes, we're a social species and yes, we're hardwired for falling in love, and yes we (mostly) all like what could possibly go wrong?