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06.10.2021 | Family & Relationships

What we can learn from sex offenders will surprise you — as well as help you. Prepare to develop compassion where you thought none could ever exist.

04.02.2021 |

Reinvention: Steve Ing – ‘A Name Does Not Define Me’

03.09.2021 | Family & Relationships

We are all much more than just romance and sex. Having close friendships outside of a romantic relationship is valuable for the relationship itself.

01.29.2021 | Family & Relationships

Yes, we're a social species and yes, we're hardwired for falling in love, and yes we (mostly) all like what could possibly go wrong?

01.14.2021 | Family & Relationships

Abuse, like sexuality, falls on a continuum.

12.09.2020 | Family & Relationships

Getting into a relationship based on equality doesn't just happen; you have to build it.

12.03.2020 | Family & Relationships

OK, so that last boyfriend was a real pain. Good riddance to him but, how to find one of the good ones?

11.20.2020 | Family & Relationships

Failure to integrate our sexuality and spirituality creates disaster because our values are there to guide us and without their illumination, we are blinded.


11.20.2020 | Family & Relationships

The idea is that religion will sort things out: We'll no longer be confused about right and wrong, we'll understand how we should live, we'll be surrounded by good examples, and on and on. What could possibly go wrong?

10.21.2020 | Family & Relationships

In the last 30 years of my practice, those who have committed sex crimes have a 100% participation in three epic failures in their personal lives: career, friendship, and love.