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01.14.2021 | Family & Relationships

Abuse, like sexuality, falls on a continuum.

12.09.2020 | Family & Relationships

Getting into a relationship based on equality doesn't just happen; you have to build it.

12.03.2020 | Family & Relationships

OK, so that last boyfriend was a real pain. Good riddance to him but, how to find one of the good ones?

11.20.2020 | Family & Relationships

Failure to integrate our sexuality and spirituality creates disaster because our values are there to guide us and without their illumination, we are blinded.


11.20.2020 | Family & Relationships

The idea is that religion will sort things out: We'll no longer be confused about right and wrong, we'll understand how we should live, we'll be surrounded by good examples, and on and on. What could possibly go wrong?

10.21.2020 | Family & Relationships

In the last 30 years of my practice, those who have committed sex crimes have a 100% participation in three epic failures in their personal lives: career, friendship, and love.


10.21.2020 | Family & Relationships

It’s weird when you think about it, right? We manage our finances, our careers, our diets, our vacation planning—really just about anything but our sexuality gets the intelligent management treatment.

10.02.2020 | Family & Relationships

When I ask sex offenders the question, "What would you like to get out of therapy?" the most common response over decades is, "I'd like to know how this happened."


10.02.2020 | Family & Relationships

For the last 21 years, I've worked as a sex offender counselor helping people who have been accused or convicted of sex crimes. We could all learn a lot from their stories.

09.10.2020 | Family & Relationships

Any close examination of the term reveals a number of the field's dirty little secrets. None are pretty.