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02.22.2018 | Family & Relationships

Ready for it? There IS a magic sex number.

But the bad news: Sometimes your magic sex number is vastly different from your partner’s magic sex number.

What happens if you’re mismatched? What does this all mean? And how can this information change your life (and your relationship) for the better?

02.09.2018 | Family & Relationships

Explore a little more about why every letter and symbol comprising “LGBTQIA+” is important.

01.19.2018 | Family & Relationships

Discovery in a relationship involves questions. It involves research. It involves stepping outside of yourself and your limited view and inviting another in for an exploration of important matters.

01.17.2018 | Family & Relationships

How do you get to a place in your relationship that celebrates the erotic? A place where the unknown is welcome, where private turn-ons are shared and play is encouraged?

01.11.2018 | Family & Relationships

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know the mistakes I see my well-intentioned clients making every day in their relationships? Now you can.

01.01.2018 | Arts & Pop Culture, Family & Relationships

Making resolutions for the New Year can be a tricky business. If the goals are too lofty, you’ll likely fall short; if you don’t make them at all, you’ll wish you had.

12.21.2017 | Family & Relationships

We can offer simple, affirming gifts for everyone on our list — our significant other, our children, even our friends — by nourishing our spirituality and our sexuality.

12.15.2017 | Arts & Pop Culture, Business & Economics, Education, Family & Relationships, Politics & Law

Using your words and asking for explicit consent — to hold someone’s hand, for a hug, if you’d like to call a colleague after hours and chat about non-work stuff — is the surest, easiest, safest way to ensure you’re on the same page.

12.14.2017 | Arts & Pop Culture, Business & Economics, Education, Family & Relationships, Politics & Law

In the past few months, I have routinely encountered a few of the same questions/comments about what others are rightly calling “The Reckoning.”

12.07.2017 | Arts & Pop Culture, Business & Economics, Family & Relationships

It’s the easy — and altogether wrong — thing to do.