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05.19.2017 | Business & Economics

If you're facing sexual harassment in the workplace or even in school, learn from Steven Ing on how to deal with it.

Some of the choices will be difficult, but these tools will give you the confidence to make that necessary leap from just surviving to thriving.


05.19.2017 | Business & Economics

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a huge problem and to begin to tackle this issue we first need to understand it.

This is the first part of our two-part series on this topic where we will try to unpack and understand it first. If it makes you sad, know it makes us sad too. Check out the next podcast on dealing with sexual harassment to feel better and give yourself the tools to solve it.


04.27.2017 | Arts & Pop Culture

Steven Ing discusses Handmaid's Tale, the novel, in light of the upcoming TV series on Hulu.

What can this new show teach us about human sexuality?


04.13.2017 | Family & Relationships

We're smiling, open-armed, acting friendly — while on the inside we’re scared, vulnerable, and dreading the next miserable relationship outcome. We thought we were being smart last time, so how do the really smart people do this?

04.06.2017 | Family & Relationships

Sometimes, I can tell very quickly when a relationship is not going to last. If there is contempt or resentment it becomes quite impossible to overcome, not because we aren't capable, but because it would require sacrificing a part of ourselves we don't want to change. What we need is a partner who loves us for who we are while we love them for who they are. Contempt and resentment do not come from love.

04.01.2017 | Family & Relationships

Single parents shouldn't hide their modest dating behaviors. Children can learn a lot about how to find a potential mate by learning best practices from their parents as it's happening.

03.15.2017 | Family & Relationships

What to remember when you find yourself suddenly single again.

03.14.2017 | Family & Relationships

Do you need to tell your next partner that you cheated on your last one?

03.04.2017 | Family & Relationships

Making sacrifices for one's children is healthy and normal; making yourself into a living sacrifice of sexless loneliness is neither.

03.03.2017 | Family & Relationships

If you're looking for love here's a tip: stop. Stop looking for love and start looking for life. Life is meant to be shared, if you aren't happy with your life it's irresponsible to try to share it with someone you want to care about.

"If you can't live without her then you can't be with her." - Steven Ing