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07.01.2017 | Business & Economics

Do you want your business to be taken down by sexual harassment lawsuits? Didn't think so.

06.21.2017 | Business & Economics

Sex sells. Sexuality sells better.

06.14.2017 | Family & Relationships

You're ready for an abuse-free life and you know how to do it yourself, but what if your partner has some abusive tendencies?

Note: If your partner is physically abusive it's time you got in touch with a women's center and start planning your escape without delay.


06.02.2017 | Family & Relationships

Abuse-free life? Sold. Now, how do I manage my life in an abuse-free way?

06.02.2017 | Family & Relationships

Before I met my wife, if anyone had asked if I had any deal-breakers — a must-have for my next relationship — I would have said the following:
“Absolutely,” this imaginary conversation would have gone. “The next woman I date absolutely MUST love hiking.”Well guess what: I did meet another woman, she did not love hiking, and she is now my wife. And of course I have ZERO regrets.

06.01.2017 | Family & Relationships

What is the abuse-free life?

Listen to this podcast to find out.

05.20.2017 | Family & Relationships

Normally the big conversation in romance is about fidelity or, as we say in America, cheatin': being faithful, remaining true as in true blue, being someone the other person can count on. And it’s with good reason that we focus on this! Well over 50 percent of men and women are unfaithful at some time in their committed relationships.

But the more common problem by far is our disturbing tendency to be untrue to ourselves.

05.19.2017 | Business & Economics

If you're facing sexual harassment in the workplace or even in school, learn from Steven Ing on how to deal with it.

Some of the choices will be difficult, but these tools will give you the confidence to make that necessary leap from just surviving to thriving.


05.19.2017 | Business & Economics

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a huge problem and to begin to tackle this issue we first need to understand it.

This is the first part of our two-part series on this topic where we will try to unpack and understand it first. If it makes you sad, know it makes us sad too. Check out the next podcast on dealing with sexual harassment to feel better and give yourself the tools to solve it.


04.27.2017 | Arts & Pop Culture

Steven Ing discusses Handmaid's Tale, the novel, in light of the upcoming TV series on Hulu.

What can this new show teach us about human sexuality?