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03.14.2017 | Family & Relationships

Do you need to tell your next partner that you cheated on your last one?

03.04.2017 | Family & Relationships

Making sacrifices for one's children is healthy and normal; making yourself into a living sacrifice of sexless loneliness is neither.

03.03.2017 | Family & Relationships

If you're looking for love here's a tip: stop. Stop looking for love and start looking for life. Life is meant to be shared, if you aren't happy with your life it's irresponsible to try to share it with someone you want to care about.

"If you can't live without her then you can't be with her." - Steven Ing


02.07.2017 | Family & Relationships

Not having the right partner is an opportunity, so let's start with a different sort of inventory: What have you learned about yourself and your needs from your past failed relationships?

02.06.2017 | Family & Relationships

'Threading the needle,' so to speak, can seem daunting when you're balancing raising your children with sowing the seeds for a fulfilling romantic and sexual life. If you proactively set some ground rules it can make this far less daunting, and even far more empowering for your children.

02.06.2017 | Family & Relationships

It's important for parents to emulate the behaviors necessary for a successful relationship. This includes the modest, but regular phenomenon of 'mommy and daddy time.'

01.31.2017 | Family & Relationships

If you've taken up the suggestions in this series then you're actually talking to your children about sex. At this point of the conversation some people are getting more than what they ever wanted. In hindsight, perhaps those of us who are growing uncomfortable with the reality of our children's sexuality had hoped to have less of a conversation and, to be honest, more of a lecture.

01.25.2017 | Family & Relationships

Sexuality is not like geometry or pottery because, although one may study geometry, one's own geometry never becomes a part of the conversation. With sexuality and especially getting comfortable with talking about it with your kids, one's own sexuality (and theirs!) can quickly become a subject of conversation.

01.17.2017 | Family & Relationships

You made a decision and now you're reading to your kids about sexual issues in the paper: gender equality, equal pay, marriage equality, who should use what bathroom, rising rates of STIs, abortion laws and so on.  No one's called the police on you (yet) and because you're relaxed, your voice is starting to sound like you actually did go through puberty.  You sound me

01.15.2017 | Education, Family & Relationships

After reading Part 1, you've decided that you're going to do it. You're going to talk with your kids about sex. You've accepted that they are good people, that their natural inclination is to do good and not harm to others, so you already know this is going to be a conversation, not a sermon.  A process, not an event.  A teaching of how to think, not what to think.