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08.28.2020 | Family & Relationships

OK then, if it's not sex addiction, what is the problem? Well, for starters, it's worse than you think.

08.20.2020 | Family & Relationships

So, you think you're a sex addict?


08.05.2020 | Family & Relationships

Most of us have experienced regret about getting into a committed relationship with someone who turned out to have been so very wrong for us.


07.30.2020 | Family & Relationships

"Why don't they teach this in school? Everybody should know this!" A reasonable question for a society that preaches the importance of family but provides little direction for success.


07.25.2020 | Family & Relationships

No, you're not too picky. We all have personal deal breakers that come up as we try to figure out how to have a great relationship and a sublimely happy future.

07.16.2020 | Family & Relationships

There are two specific types of variables, both deal breakers, that can keep two people from having a successful, loving relationship. Let's talk about the first one.

07.07.2020 | Family & Relationships

The “Intentional Interview” can help to increase awareness of mental health problems that could sabotage our efforts at having a great relationship.


07.01.2020 | Family & Relationships

Our resources of time, treasure, and talent are not infinite. When we fail to perform our due diligence when selecting a mate, we impoverish ourselves emotionally and spiritually.

06.18.2020 | Family & Relationships

Is integrating sexuality & spirituality really a human need? It is, but instead of seeking sexual information from a church, consider going within.

06.10.2020 | Family & Relationships

Imagine having the perfect sex life, perfect in every way. Then imagine that perfect sex life without x: is it still perfect?