Sexual Futurist™ Blog

08.15.2018 | Family & Relationships

Conflict is an inevitable and necessary part of every relationship.

08.11.2018 | Politics & Law

President Trump is appointing another judge to the Supreme Court. What will this mean for our reproductive rights? In this podcast, Steven and Jackie discuss the advantages of planning our parenthood and what could happen to our ability to control when we have children.

07.27.2018 | Family & Relationships

Parenting is already a huge challenge, but how do you parent children whose life experience is so different from your own? In this podcast, we bring in members of the LGBTQIA+ community to share their thoughts on how moms and dads can be better parents to their LGBTQIA+ kids.

07.14.2018 | Family & Relationships

Social media has changed how we communicate and interact with one another, but is that always a good thing? This week, we talk about how social media might seem convenient and easy, but it may not be the best way to create or maintain any relationship.

07.07.2018 | Religion

Religion has a lot to say about sex, but the big question is whether or not God wants us to have fun in the bedroom. This week Steven and Jackie talk about religion, many of its rules about sexuality, whether those rules are reasonable, and how our own sex lives are intertwined with our beliefs.

06.30.2018 | Arts & Pop Culture

We all want to be comfortable with ourselves and our sexuality, but how do we do that? This week Steven Ing talks with Courtney Smith Kramer, author of “21 Reasons Creativity is Like Sex,” about how she became comfortable with talking about sexuality, why she wrote a book about it and the creative industry’s intersection with sexuality.

06.22.2018 | Family & Relationships

Consent is obviously mandatory during sex, but how can it lead to more productive arguments?

06.18.2018 | Arts & Pop Culture, Family & Relationships

How can we help people move on with their lives in a healthy and productive way?

06.04.2018 | Education

In this week’s “AskING for a Friend,” we bring the friend into the studio. Kurt Thigpen discusses his experience as a gay youngster in the Boy Scouts and what the Scouts could do to truly celebrate diversity.

06.02.2018 | Family & Relationships

Do you feel like you’re superior, or inferior, to your mate? In today’s podcast, we talk about how equality can affect our relationships. Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts.