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11.08.2017 | Education, Family & Relationships

Religious extremists tend to believe that if you teach abstinence — and only abstinence, without any comprehensive understanding of sexuality, diseases, safety, etc. — then teens will, in turn, not have sex. Turns out, they’re wrong. And there’s proof.

11.01.2017 | Arts & Pop Culture

While this is no love letter to these two men, I am grateful for the dialogue they’ve inspired — one about the intelligent management of human sexuality.

10.30.2017 | Family & Relationships

Sexual fantasy is healthy and normal. But of course, we all know that some sexual fantasies are scary — perhaps even borderline deviant. And if you’re concerned, I have ideas.

10.13.2017 | Family & Relationships

Choices are real. Fantasy is in your head. And fantasy can be healthy.

10.12.2017 | Family & Relationships

Did you know it’s actually possible to not only survive an affair — but to thrive as a couple in the aftermath?

10.09.2017 | Education, Family & Relationships

The alphabet soup that is the LGBQTIA+ acronym is confusing and unwieldy. But the bottom line is this: Each letter has a specific meaning. And each meaning is important. 

09.25.2017 | Family & Relationships

Ready to be scared senseless?

Well here you go: According to the vast knowledge of the tech almighty Google, the average first Internet porn exposure happens at age 11, and "sex" is in the top five search terms used by boys and girls from under the age of 7 up through 18.

Wow. Right?

09.22.2017 | Family & Relationships

You know how Web 2.0 was considered the next iteration of the web — when websites became engaging and interactive and fun?

09.21.2017 | Science

Ready to have your mind blown about sex addiction?

09.15.2017 | Religion

Did you hear about the Nashville Statement? If not, you’re lucky. If you did, you’ll likely recall it as a sweeping 14-Article manifesto that pretty much placed every member of society who does NOT fall into Camp Evangelical into Camp You’re Going to Hell.