We're All Like This Lesson Plan

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We’re All Like This
The Easiest Lesson Plan Ever 

This lesson is designed to offer a suggested teaching method to introduce We’re All Like This to your students. The overall goal of this particular teaching method is to facilitate open discussion of our human sexual needs between your students and their inner circles. Using this method, students notably improve their ability to comfortably communicate about human sexuality. As the semester unfolds, writing and communication on the subject improves due to increasing insight.

The method is simple (the chapters are brief and can be read out of order) and integrates well into any standard human sexuality curriculum as it is reading and discussion based:

  1. Assign the preface and author’s note “Why I Wrote This Book” to provide context and to set a foundation for the book’s content.
  2. Assign weekly readings leaving the chapter (topic) up to the students’ choice. The student is to read one chapter to a familiar person such as a roommate, significant other, family member, etc., and hold a discussion with their chosen person regarding the content of the chapter.
  3. The students then answer a series of questions in a written format of your choice:
  • Why did you choose this topic?
  • How did the person to whom you read to react?
  • How did you feel about reading this topic to your chosen person?
  • What did the two of you discuss after you read the topic?

Please note that some students may report back that the book is boring! This happens with those accustomed to thinking about sexuality in the context of intercourse and titillation alone.  The simplicity of the tone and language of the text does in fact require intellectual thinking and thoughtful personal consideration.  The intent is to help the reader feel safe while considering a new framework for sexual needs. By the end of the semester, students will have a collection of their discussions and they will see a discernable evolution in their awareness, thinking, and ability to more comfortably discuss sexuality.

In our efforts to continually improve our curriculum, feedback from instructors and students is most welcome.  We are here to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise.