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This manual is designed to help those in need of sexual counseling progress through a counseling program, but it can also be used by anyone seeking a healthier, more fulfilling experience of sexual relationships. You will find it helpful if you use it honestly and openly.

The thoughts and techniques expressed in this handbook come out of years of experience of therapists and clients in the program. We welcome you to become a part of that process of healing. Throughout the handbook you will find comments or suggestions made by others who have gone before you. The comments come from the minds of those with a lot of experience and an intention to help you. This manual is designed to be shared with family members and loved ones, who may read it out of curiosity, personal need or simply out of a great love for you as you follow this program toward greater sexual health and intimacy.

We have written some parts of the manual with significant others in mind, to inform them about your progress over time. We hope their understanding of your work will help you in your progress toward success.