Media Kit

Steven Ing, MFT had a seriously messed up childhood. Like, mobster-shot-to-death-by-police messed up. Out of this beginning came a lifelong fascination with two questions: “Why do people do what they do?” and “How can all of us figure out how to move to what healthier families enjoy and how they get their needs for love met?”

A Marriage and Family Therapist for 30 years, Steven helps people figure out how they too can have healthy sexuality and intimacy. He has literally written the book on human sexual needs, “We’re All Like This” (Second Edition 2020, Giant Publishing), used in university-level human sexuality classes. His books, articles, and public presentations create conversations about human sexuality that are safe…but not too safe. Steve’s insights have led to a humane take on our beautiful human sexuality and how all the rest of us can have ridiculously happy lives (yes, and sex lives too!).

Steven is a contributor to: Psychology Today, PsychCentral, HuffPost, The Advocate,, The Rage Monthly, Adelante Magazine and Gannett newspapers. A published author, TEDx Talk presenter discussing his revolutionary concept of “What’s Your Magic Sex Number”, and a podcast guest who talks about sexuality in a way that won’t embarrass you (even if your kids are in the car), Steve is also, well there’s no other way to say this, just hilarious.




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